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16 May 2017

The emblematic wine of Provence: Le Rosé

Rosé wine, its origin

Although the rosé is modern and trendy, it has existed for 260 years. It was the Greeks who planted the first vines and introduced the wine culture. In the 18th century, the rosé was abandoned for red wine. Now days, the trend is for the Rosé, and its consumption has tripled in twenty years.

The union of Provence and rosé

In Provence, the production of rosé is a specialty, a real art of living. Each year is produced on average 141 million bottles of AOC rosés. This makes Provence the first region in France producing this wine, with 35% of the national production.

Rosé, a trendy product

Rosé represents 30% of the world’s wine consumption with 69 million consumers. It announces the arrival of the holidays and sunny days!  With ice, or just out of the freezer, the Rosé is also a base for cocktail and blends perfectly with fresh and fruity ingredients.

rosé - ma villa en provence

Un vin qui se décline

Here are some suggestions from the team of “my villa in Provence”:

The frozé

The frozé is a frosted cocktail based on rosé and strawberry. It is simple to achieve and is an indispensable part of your summers. Simply frost the rosé by putting it in the freezer several hours, then mixing the juice of a lime, a tray of strawberries, sugar, red fruit puree and lots of ice cubes. Mix and play: an acidic and ultra-refreshing granite for your summer appetizers!

The classic Rosé Grapefruit

This drink is a basic of summer when you want to drink and share a moment of relaxation with family or friends. You just have to add grapefruit syrup to your glass of rosé.

The Jacqueline Rosé


Drink typical of the festivities of Bayonne, you serve the rosé directly in a glass with ice cubes then add soda water and finally a few drops of grenadine syrup.

To taste in moderation! Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health, consume with moderation

Credit : ramshackleglam

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