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16 May 2017

The summer Rosé Wines

Provence, known for its rosé wine production, is full of as tasty as varied. Here is an overview of Provencal vineyards specially selected by the team of ma villa en provence:

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Domaine Terres Blanches

An avant-garde organic estate

In 1968, Noël Michelin acquired part of the “Mas des Pilons” to create the domain of Terres Blanches. Noël Michelin, respectful of the environment, adopted, from 1970, an agrobiological production. The vineyards is since exploited without chemical fertilizer, without synthetic insecticide, without weed killer. These products, have been replaced by sulfur, algae or plant essences. The estate is now the property of Christian Latouche, owner of the estate of Vallongue and the Château la Genestière.

Events at the Terres Blanches

The estate of Terres Blanches proposes multiple activities to promote its production: culinary workshops, fashion shows or even open doors of the mill. A way to discover a vineyard from a less traditional angle while opening up to a larger public.

The rosé of the estate: A.O.P Les Baux-de-Provence Rosé

This AOP brings together different grape varieties of choice: black grenache, cinsault, counoise, syrah, mourvèdre, rolle and ugni blanc. With its pale pink colour, notes of exotic fruits and grapefruit zest, it has won many awards: the gold medal Gilbert & Gaillard Domaine Rosé 2015, the gold medal in Avignon Domaine Rosé 2015 Or the Silver Medal winner Domaine rosé 2014.


Blog - ma villa en provence - location villas provence
The domain of Dalmeran

A long history of organic culture

Created in 1531, the domain of Dalmeran extends on a butte populated of Gallo-Roman vestiges, in the middle of Baux-de-Provence. Ten hectares planted for a quarter of a century welcome famous grape varieties: Grenache, Syrah, Cabernet-Sauvignon and Cinsault. The estate uses traditional and natural cultivation methods without chemical fertilizers or weed control. Only a few organic inputs and a constant work of the soil make it possible to obtain the quality of this reference domain.

Gastronomie & Art 

Tailor-made cooking and wine tasting courses, organized by great chefs and sommeliers, are organized at the heart of the estate. You can participate in mini-workshops that will make you discover the fabulous marriage of the wines of the domain with products from local farms, whose owners are members of the Conservatoire Grand Sud des Cuisines.

But more than a vineyards, the Dalmeran estate is the playground for artists: photographic exhibitions, jazz concerts, or full-scale projection with the installation of a cinema in its gardens or plant sculptures by Marc Nucéra To the international fame, the field is transformed according to the artistic inspirations!

The rosé of the estate : Dalmeran Rosé

The Dalmeran Rosé, entirely organic (ECOCERT certification) meets the criteria for a great, rich and tasty wine. Its grape varieties are the following: grenache, cinsault and cabernet-sauvignon give it a robe to the camaïeux rosés, ranging from raspberry to salmon. On the palate side, its aromas of red fruits (ripe, redcurrant, strawberry) will delight novices and initiates alike.


Blog - ma villa en provence - location villas provence

The Castle Romanin

You said biodynamic wine?

The Domaine Romanin is located between Saint-Rémy-de-Provence and Eygalières, and extends over 58 hectares. Its particularity: an operation guided by the principles of biodynamics and agronomy. In other words, the field practices an agricultural culture that guarantees the health of the soil and plants to provide a healthy diet for humans and animals, while giving great importance to the rhythms of nature. Thus, in this field created in 1988, winegrowers use only plants and minerals, so that no herbicides or chemicals intervene in the cultivation of the vineyard.

The will of the Romanin castle: propose noble grape varieties such as syrah, cabernet-sauvignon, mourvèdre, counoise, rolle and roussane.

Celebration day !

Château Romanin has a reception area, ideal for wine events: seminars, business meals or conferences.

The day not to be missed: the musical rendez-vous organized every year at the beginning of December, on the occasion of the Romanin calendar day.

The rosé of the estate : Château Romanin  

It is an A.O.P of Baux-de-Provence, characteristic of the “Château Romanin” style with a pale pink hue and fruity notes (citrus, peaches, apricot, gooseberry). The grape varieties used are: Grenache, counoise, Syrah and Mourvèdre.


Domaine des Terres Blanches

Route de Cavaillon RD99, 13210 Saint-Rémy-de-Provence
04 90 95 91 66
Site internet

Domaine de Dalmeran

45 Avenue Notre Dame du Château, 13103 Saint-Étienne-du-Grès
04 90 49 04 04
Site internet

Château Romanin

29 Route de Cavaillon, 13210 Saint-Rémy-de-Provence
04 90 92 45 87
Site internet


The best rosés in the world are produced in Provence, to consume in moderation of course!


Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health, consume the wine in moderation

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